Sponsor a student!

Thanks to your sponsorship, students can go to school every day. You contribute to his scholar fees at EPES.

Through this sponsorship program, you are supporting the student whole family.

A priviledged relationship with your godchild

You will receive every trimester news from your godchild. Indeed, you will be able to follow your godchild progress.

You will also receive news about the EPES.

Lebanon economic situation

Lebanon has been facing a major economic crisis for the past 4 years. The Lebanese pound has lost 98% of its value since the crisis began.

The EPES used to be funded by subsidies from the Ministry of Social Affairs. But with the crisis, the subsidies have become ridiculously low ($1.3 per month per student) and are no longer paid.

Furthemore, students family can not afford scholarship fees and can not take their child to school anymore due to increasing energy prices.

EPES only rely on donors to support students scholarships costs..

In detail

Scholar fees cost €230 a month per student.

65% of this amount is dedicated to payroll, while the balance is spent on operational costs (heating, electricity, maintenance of the facilities, etc.) and administration costs.

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